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Senior Contributor

Have the repubs offered an alternative to the ACA?

Why don't they offer a new plan with all the wonders of the conservative mind set as a replacement to the ACA? Then we will see if the public clamors to that far superior plan and it wins wide acceptance between both left and right. We will all support a far better plan.


the fact is that I don't think they can develop any plan that even the vast majority of republicans can support let alone gain any serious support from the left. So i'm afraid we are left with a quandry. Either the ACA or nothing and nobody could win a majority in that case.


I propose that the repubs start now and study and restudy and argue and reargue and by the time they decide on a plan the Muslim will be out of the white house and they will have Hillary to deal with and she will be a willing supporter just like they supported her plan to insure the uninsured  some two decades ago.


I will be so amused when you complain about her not playing ball with the republicans while she rams the bat up your behind!    Bwa hah hah!

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Senior Contributor

They have a plan, Don!

It's been their plan all along! Get sick, and Die! They don't have a plan, don't want a plan, they don't want to be bothered!