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Have to admit as hard as I try to keep up…

…..with the growth of the size of the pile of RW cowshlt to dig through, but had no idea that the RDS campaign/platform is so thoroughly and unashamedly misogynistic as it is.

Quotes from the members of this think tank are describable as nothing less than astounding.

Dang, as an old guy with a wife, a few daughters and a granddaughter it’s mortifying. But, more than that one has to wonder how a Presidential campaign could be run that could conceal that.  If people think these old boomer D women are hard ***** politically what makes them think the 18-40’s, with considerably more at stake ahead of them are going to, for lack of a better way of saying it, bend over?

If I was 10 or so years younger and had had a couple of young adult daughters I’d have a tough time holding the family together if I had a huge man crush on RDS and was open out in public about it. Just sayin’.