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Re: Haven’t heard from Gough for some time

@cmilligan1958g wrote:

@Canuck_2 wrote:

I am all about defeating evil ideas in any way possible. 

So anything that YOU believe is 'evil' should be banned.

therefore free speech no longer exists

Probably about as much as the Leftists ban free speech from Conservative people. I fully understand that we are at war, and conduct myself accordingly. 

So you all ammo up for the civil war next Nov?

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Re: Haven’t heard from Gough for some time

Welcome to the progressive world.




Police in Oklahoma City are investigating “It’s okay to be white” fliers that were posted at the Oklahoma City University School of Law as a potential hate crime.



MILPITAS, Calif. — A high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave in California after he wore blackface to school on Halloween, according to the Milpitas Unified School District.

BA Deere
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Re: Haven’t heard from Gough for some time

Gough Whitlam`s extreme views didn`t bother me, I think he got banned because he made personal attacks.  I think outside the personal attacks, he was good to have around to show and force liberals on here to look in the mirror what they were turning into.  

Of course, 5 years ago the run of the mill liberal would`ve said "Bernie Sanders? Naw, that`s a bridge too far ...he`s a socialist!"  But, jump ahead to today and liberals are like "Oh yeah, I`d vote for Bernie Sanders, we gotta git rid a that Trump!".    

The risk being some hear satan and instead of being repulsed (as a sane person would) they start wearing the goathead and dancing in the puddle of blood with the rest of the extremists.