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Having it out once and for all 2

All of us who are riding on the back of the chicken pecking on the ground in the egg ads or the cows in the pastoral pasture settings on the milk carton facing up to the fact that every checkoff penny, every membership dues paid to the corn or soybean growers, pork producers etc., every tax dollar or alumni donation to our land grant universities and every cent remitted to the AFB is going to promote and defend and AID IN THE CREATION OF MORE of these:


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Re: Having it out once and for all 2

We have a three strike and your out policy that puts small time criminals and drug users in prison so why the he!! can we not do the same with someone as corupt and immoral as DeCoster who puts his personal interest and financial gain ahead of his employees, the environment and the health of millions of people who consume his product.  I've never been a big promoter of boycotts but think maybe this might be our best chance of dealing with this man since our government has little interest in putting a stop to his behavior.  Time to tell our grocery stores we will not buy eggs from them if their eggs are raised by DeCoster or one of his shell companies.  We can not allow our food system to be jeopardized by selfish individuals who have no concern for others.  If this were China Mr. Decoster would be eating his last meal about now compliments of the government.