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Having your vote discredited

Would it be fair to assume that for 81 million people to have the vote they cast 8 months ago perpetually discredited on a daily basis there might be some incentive to make sure to vote again?


Except, of course, for the couple or three guys who Red ran into at Mettler’s. 

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Re: The more interesting question here in NY is ....

There are three or four republican female congressional representatives here in NY, Stefanik, Tenney, & Malliotakis, for example, who talked up their allegiance to trump big the past 5 years and now appear to be running away from him hard.  Well, maybe not Stefanik so much but Tenney & Malliotakis for sure.  In addition, they're in a bind over the Roe reversal.   Tenney & Malliotakis are using the excuse that abortion is safe in New York but that's the same excuse they used before, " I'm against abortion but Roe will never be reversed".  Only now it's "I'm against abortion but abortion is safe in New York".  With the current Court and a possible Republican Congress, it doesn't ring so true anymore. The republicans very well might 3-4 republican seats right here in NY.

Then there is some of this….

….. going on.

I remember back around 20 years ago finding this Forum and to have read the numerous Iowegians here to whom this guy was on a par with Reagan and just a nitt behind Jesus:

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Re: Having your vote discredited

Old disaster joe is the one discrediting old disaster joe by well.....his disastrous Presidency.  Kinda waives the incentive to vote for a disastrous dear leader when their policies make life miserable for those you represent and his goal to turn us into a 3rd world Country.

But you can't say that I didn't warn you there bruceQ.

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Re: Having your vote discredited

The nation elected trump president.   Democrats made up  rx3, the fbi and doj acted like it was real and kneecapped the administration.   Then democrats commited massive election fraud and effected a coup.

Bruce says the cheaters will get their little feelings hurt if you call them cheaters.   That makes me so sad.

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Re: Having your vote discredited

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater.

There...I did it. Sue me.