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Hayek's Road To Serfdom class online


snip--  The subtitle of the 1976 edition of The Road to Serfdom, published by the University of Chicago Press, is "A Classic Warning Against the Dangers to Freedom Inherent in Social Planning." The exponential explosion of governmental powers in response to the current, government-generated economic crisis makesThe Road to Serfdom as relevant today as it ever was. This is why the Mises Institute is offering a special five-week online class, The Road to Serfdom: Despotism Then and Now, under my direction through the Mises Academy, beginning on Monday, July 5. The course will be an in-depth examination and discussion of Hayek's analysis, its relevance to today's world, and how such ideas can be used to put America – and other parts of the world – back on the road to freedom.


There may not be a Hitler on the horizon, but the extent to which governments all over the world have simply ignored the lessons of the past in response to the economic crisis that they created with their own monetary policies and other interventions is mind-boggling. The US government, in particular, responded to the bust portion of the Greenspan Fed's boom-and-bust cycle with the most economically destructive – but politically centralizing – policies: trillion-dollar bailouts of failing corporations that will create moral-hazard problems the likes of which have never been seen; an escalation of the money supply that dwarfs the monetary inflation of the Greenspan Fed; the Soviet-style nationalization of automobile companies, banks, and much of the healthcare industry; government regulation of executive compensation; the appointment of dozens of dictatorial "czars" with unaccountable power to regulate and regiment myriad industries; trillion-dollar-a-year deficits; an expansion of the powers of the Fed (!); and a president who believes he has the power to fire corporate executives, nationalize industries, and send unmanned "drone" bombers to any country in the world on a whim.b




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Re: Hayek's Road To Serfdom class online

Good discussion point. It is actually pretty hard for me to comprehend how America seems to have lost the mojo that put us at the pinnacle of world power and strength, with an ecnomic engine that was the envy of the world.


And it wasn't socialism that put us at the top.