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Re: Better correct Wiki then

So everybody plays the "Jimmy did it too" game in regards to the malodorous retinue of political operators and courtiers that hang onto the other side's campaign or administration.


In terms of raging sociopathy, if not psychopathy, these guys are in a league of their own.

"media consumer"

Who was it that said "We have met the enemy, and he is us"?


Tiabbi (who got some props here the other day from one of our conservative brethren):

Re: "media consumer"

I suppose that the preppers are onto something although in most cases for the wrong reasons.


We've become collectively too dumb to survive. Which, for the "average person" doesn't matter as long as he/she has more marbles, or remains entertained until the end.


Enter Darwin.


Since I tend to view things partly through a religious lens I still marvel at the spectacle of our lights of christendom swinging in behind a compulsice cheat and liar who likes to chat about anal sex on air with Howard Stern.


But the urgencies of gay pizza  are such.