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He should be thrown out

Well I know the regular trolls here

Will have strokes responding to

This...but frankly I dont care, as

They have been tromping over

Everything, and every who does

Not see things in their warped 


But there comes a time when enough is enough.

We are now there.

Mr trump is not going to participate in the house hearings...

This demostrates...he has something to hide....his lawyer wrote a letter, that does not even

Address the subject...saying this

Is a sham, and an academic discussion.....

Folks....this is as real as it gets...

The president is under investigation for doing thing(s)

That are to the extent that he has

Done things that can lead to him

Being thrown out.....

That is pretty bad

Only 3 times in our history has

This happen....

Does that impress you ?

And now...he thumbs his nose at

The democratic system....that this

Country is founded and based on...

Men and women have died to 

Preserve this system....just let

That sink in.

The idea that this is a hoax...that

The press is wrong....everyone

Lies but sorry...if

You think that is all the truth, your

Just plain stupid.....

I just cant understand how so many can not see the show trump

Is putting on.

But...the only thing that gives me

Hope is that trump did not win the

Popular vote (( an i hope your not

That dumb to refute that fact))

This IS laugh and joke

About it is just like spitting on the

Graves of those who died defending this country.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

But...what should i expect of a

Person that said he was raising money for disabled vets their families, and vets in need...

But takes said money....pays his 

And his families legal bills, and

$10,000 for a painting of himself

For one of his golf courses.

He should have been thrown out

Then since it was fraud.

But I was fake....he would

Never do that....

What next....the earth is flat....hitler didnt kill the jews....

God I pray, help us....protect us...

Bless us.


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Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

The next is throw him out so he can be replaced by some one who teaches kids in the schools there are over 100 different genders and they should all play on the same sports teams and share the same rest rooms and shower locker rooms.

Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

Sorry rs....good try tho....

But...this is a PROVEN FACT.

The incident was investigated by

The state of new york attnory general office...

It found indeed....that is what a plea

Trump....and his children also on

The same foundation board are

Prohibited from serving on any

Foundation board in the state of

New york, forever.....futher they

Also were to pay some money out...

That, rs, is THE TRUTH....I have published a link to the journal

Entry in the new york courts.

You can post all the monkeyshines

You want....but the fact and truth

Remains....he comitted fraud.


Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

30....i dont know much about

The VP...which would be the

Next person in line for the

Office. want us to use the logic

That...oh the next person is bad,

So dispite what he did, we shouldnt

Kick him out......

Really ????


Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

Now you know how Charlie Brown felt every time Lucy pulled the football.


The handling of the donations became part of the focus of a lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General’s office against the Trump Foundation, the president, and Ivanka and Eric Trump in June 2018. The lawsuit alleged that the joint operation of the fundraiser by the Trump foundation and the Trump’s presidential campaign, among other examples, constituted “improper political activity.” When the case was finally settled in 2019, the New York Supreme Court noted that “the Funds did ultimately reach their intended destinations, i.e., charitable organizations supporting veterans.”

Esteemed Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

liberals lack reading comprehension skills.

Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

Cheapo, you want to kick him out for what he DIDN'T do. That is called bearing false witness.

Re: He should be thrown out

Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

Perhaps nobody here fits this, yet for all those who were calling for impeachment from around the first moment Trump was the President-elect up thru when he actually took office, and again thru all the Russia-Russia "investigations" --  they have no credibility until all those who participated in the attempted overthrow of the President are in prison.