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Veteran Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

Im sorry rs....but that is not correct.

Had what you say is true....then

Why did mr trump and his children

Enter into agreement....never to

Be on a foundation in the state of

New york....also money paid back

And paid in even more as punishment.

Again....this is public record and

Did happen....but rush and others

Didnt talk about it....

Question....if it is found that mr trump was in the wrong....then

What do we say of people like rush

And others who said it was a hoax ?

And then...we are told the republicans in the senate will

Never vote for impeachment...

Because he is a fellow republican....

What does that say of the no matter if guilty

Or not...we will not vote aginst

Him....because he is a member

Of their club.....

Are they not just as heck

With the truth and the data....he's

One of we will support



Senior Advisor

Re: He should be thrown out

I will vote for him because I like his policies. All the dems want to do is take. Trump doesn't even take a salary. That's why your witness has no meaning. It's false.

You call for Trump to release his finances. Will you do the same of Hunter Biden so the courts can see how much he needs to pay in child support.