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Re: Just need Medicare/Medicaid For Everyone....

fund it like they do for farmers, provide a yearly income subsidy..    works quite well for them. 


bet you have no reply??????????


have good year if not the taxpayers have your back

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Re: Healthcare Compromise Coming...Prediction

Who will pay? And more importanly, how and when will the final payments come due?


I am guessing that most folks living in the bottom 90% of American households are fairly oblivious as to how many different ways their government can extract payments from their wallets, their savings accounts, and their existing standards of living in order to fund federal programs. 


Who will pay for free and universal medical care you ask? Why you will pay, of course. Who did you think would pay?





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Re: Just need Medicare/Medicaid For Everyone....

Hobby, have I ever argued with you that Government SHOULD stay subsidizing agriculture and driving up costs while not letting free market forces rule?


Argue with Nutz on your own thread. He is the poster child for what you hate.

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The Truth about Canadian Health Insurance

I would imagine that this Toronto woman knows a whole lot more about the Canadian system than you do. If not, you should write your own book and start your own columns.

bruce MN

Re: The Truth about Canadian Health Insurance

Smiley Happy


Nothing reeks of credibility like getting your column from a Murdoch empire newspaper picked up by The National Review.



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Re: The Truth about Canadian Health Insurance

Boriz, you remind me a lot of a dog that comes over to poop on the neighbors doorstep.


I can see why you are a big fan of Franken and Ellison. I doubt that either of them read very much without pooping their pants, either.

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Re: The Truth about Canadian Health Insurance

rsbs; your article has a few questionable 'facts' in it.

First it refers to Canadian health care as though Ottawa controls it, not true. The Provinces control and set the guidelines for health care, Ottawa helps with the funding through a complicated agreement. the main thing with Ottawa helping with funding is the provinces then have to provide care for any Canadian citizen who happens to need it when they are in that jurisdiction.

Therefore I do not need to buy insurance to travel to a different province like I do to travel to the US.


BTW the reason I need to buy insurance to travel to the US is to cover the additional costs in the US since the system in Ontario will pay the Ontario rate for care I might get or need in the US but what Ontario pays in Ontario does not cover what the bill would be in the US.


And if you do not think that is true check the costs per capita in the US $9451 compared to Canada $4608. All in US$ BTW.


Then if you consider everyone in Canada gets health care and several million only have emergency care in the US the per capita cost for those getting care is even higher.


BTW some provinces do charge a premium for insurance others do not, something else your article misses out on mentioning.

I think with so many errors in the article you should look elsewhere for true info not 'alternate facts' like that provides