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Senior Advisor

Heinous actions by Gov. Reynolds

who somebody was paying homage to.

Everybody knew where the disease trajectory was headed 4-5 weeks ago but she waited until it became horrendous before taking any action. Because there was an election coming.

Al least Gov. Noem continues to lead her stolid folk onward toward herd immunity.

Farm girls know that cows that won’t settle belong in the freezer.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Heinous actions by Gov. Reynolds

Speaking of farm girls knowing the score.

Kelly Loeffler scored herself many millions peddling Caymans tax dodge derivatives before she married the billionaire CEO of the CME.


Senior Advisor

Re: Heinous actions by Gov. Reynolds

Neoliberal agriculture is a great trading ground.

bruce MN

Re: Heinous actions by Gov. Reynolds

Not always.

Had a horrible experience with a recently walked on relative once who milked.

We’d gotten a bundle out of a Holstein steer that he’d fattened up and it was halfway decent. So when he called and asked if we could use a little more he said he had a “ critter he was taking in” and could spare some. So we contracted for a half. 

So bad that we wound up taking most of it to a guy who had a grinding and packaging setup and ground it half and half up with a hog we dropped and dressed out at home and made hot dish out of it for what seemed like forever. 

Found out after the fact that it was a 3 yr old freemartin twin heifer that he’d lost track of. Had obviously been eating not much more than ditch hay running with the culls and dry cows for a year and cycling regular, until he figured out that freemartin heifers are infertile.

He’d obviously been at the sale barn and seen what a 900 old bag of bones with no flesh was worth.

We choked it down and in time came to understand full well how he rolled but I was appalled that somebody with decent options would that to their own family.