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Help wanted ad

The following is an actual ad that was run in an Ontario paper.

Thought some of you might enjoy the read.

Only the names have been changed.


The 'ABC' Framing Company is looking to fill four Labourers positions

Skills required:

Must be on time.

Must be on time for five days in a row.

After five days in a row take two days off.

After two days off start the process all over.

You must know what a hard hat and work boots are and where to wear them on your body.

If you know what a tool belt is and have one, big plus.

If you know which end of a hammer to hold onto, bigger plus.

Everything else we will teach you.

So if you are a hard worker and want to earn a pay cheque and not have one sent to you  -  fax your resume to 123-456-7890

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Help wanted ad

I'll bet their phone isn'tr ringing off the hook! I liked that from someone who used to be in the construction industry that is way to true!

We had a guy once who was two hours late come to work and then say to the supervisor I need to leave early I just got my refund check!  what a guy that ronny was. JR

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you guys just need

More illegals in your country, you know they are hard workers etc.  They will do the work that Canadians are not willing to do.


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Re: Help wanted ad; JR

Be interesting to know how they made out with applicants.

I have been surprised by how many noticed the ad, many because it was pointed out to them by someone else so maybe they had good exposure.

Hope they got good workers, sounds like a fun place to work.

I also worked in construction when I first started farming.

Used to get a job as soon as I finished fall work so I had a little cash to plant another crop (grin).

Started at a big site for a water pumping station to London back in the mid sixties and about a week after I started one of the workers says 'Must have all the farm work done for the year?' I said yes, the outside work. Why?

He says 'Oh they had a lay off couple of weeks ago and then they hired a bunch of you farmers last week. The others will get their jobs back next spring when you guys go farming again'

He came from the city of Toronto and always remember his comment. Says a lot for the work ethic of anyone wanting to farm.

BTW I worked with a 'gang' of 5. Three of us were farmers, the 'pusher' was a 'retired farmer about 50-55 years old and the other was a Native American from a nearby reserve. The 'pusher' and the Native were there before we 3 farmers were hired. 

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Re: you guys just need

Not sure of illegals (we do have to watch our border with our neighbour to the south) but lots of 'seasonal' workers from the Caribbean area. Come in on special work permits and work long hard hours in the fields doing work that a lot of Canadians will not do.

They are good workers and many return year after year as long as they get a boss that treats them fair. Know of one person who hires 5-6 each year to help with a mostly cut flower business. He just deals with the one man who has been coming for quite a few years and that man organizes who he wants to come with him. Fellow knows the operation about as well as the owner.

They both seem very happy with the situation.

He is able to get some local school kids for part of the season when things get even busier.

BTW have a neighbour who has suggested he might pay me to hire his kids to pick stones for me. He thinks that is a great work learning experience for kids.