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Re: Herd immunity....What it would take

Russell co reports no cases at this



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Re: Herd immunity....What it would take

Good for Russell County KS!

My home county, per the CDC has 68 confirmed cases, no recoveries, and 1 death.  Per county health department, we have 69 confirmed cases, of which 43 are confirmed recoveries, and 2 deaths -- which leaves 24 who should still be in quarantine (or get re-tested), out of a county population of 32,000.

Deaths as % of verified infections -- 2.9% -- as % of population -- 0.006%

Verified infections as % of population -- 0.2%

While nursing homes have been locked down since early March, Churches switched to online services and programming, schools remain closed, and face-to-face services remain limited, most of the county remained open for business.

Different things work differently for different areas, and population densities.

Living in a lower population area, my biggest complaint from the beginning is that whenever the county announces a new case, they only say whether they are quarantined or in a hospital.  So, unless one just happens to hear because somebody knows somebody, the rest of 99.8% of us must hunker down or take our chances, simply because we don't know what function, business, town, area of the county, medical service or hospital to be most careful around or avoid entirely.   Later, and mostly via unofficial sources, most of our county infections -- if 1 person in a family or group living together gets infected, they all seem to get infected, so if there's 1, there's 3 or 4 -- county inhabitants that commute to work in higher risk places or jobs (mainly packing plant in neighboring county, reportedly accounts for around 1/3 of our cases) -- and a group home for behavior-challenged boys in one town (reportedly accounts for another 1/3 of our cases).  Most of the rest were 1 nursing home that had a problem, that also spread thru a couple associated families before it was discovered, and the source of the initial infections was never reported.  There were also a few people (confronted and taken home by police) who were supposed to be in quarantine at home, yet were reportedly out buying supplies and groceries -- I don't know who keeps track of those people, but it sounds like someone is watching them at least somewhat.

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Re: Herd immunity....What it would take

I am somewhat puzzled on things

here.  Our case numbers are somewhat low (which I atribute

To rural area, stay at home orders,

A number of older folks that dont

Travel much...etc).

Only 1 case was locally aquired,

Remainder due to travel.  Ironicly,

no cases spread to family members !!

Meeting with health dept, many

people call about travel, and etc

Which is good.  They placed an RN

To handle the phone, so answers

Could be given quickly.

They have also been getting "tattle

Tail" calls, which about 10 percent

result in action taken (people going places they shouldnt, so

have to stay in house 14 days.)

I find it interesting...a study that

Shows alot of this "herd immunity"

Stuff is being spread by bots..

What will be telling, who do these

Bots belong to or work for ?


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Re: Herd immunity....What it would take

Certainly appears to be the case with the "reopen" movement.

Same astroturf as the "demonstrations", same relatively small tribe faithfully amplifying it.

Polling is very consistent in finding that a strong majority favor a cautious approach. But somebody with some bucks wants it otherwise.

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Re: Herd immunity....What it would take

Every individual can be as cautious as they wish to be.

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Re: Herd immunity....What it would take