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Here is a ron paul clip from last night

I don't come down here much.  Unless I need a good laugh but bein so near to the caucus I thought I might get down here and spread some thoughts. I am a ron Paul supporter.


Here is a clip of his responses from last night.

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BA Deere
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Re: Here is a ron paul clip from last night

Good for you Jr!   I was very impressed with all the Republican candidates last night, but like you, I support Ron Paul.   In the words of the great sage, GTO "a wise man changes his mind, a fool never".   I`ve said in the past that I couldn`t support Perry or Gingrich, if they`re the nominee I will support them(that`s a load off their mindsSmiley Very Happy)  Everyone of the 6 on stage would be googles better than Obama, we just have too much at stake this election. And yes Gingrich would only be a lesser evil than Obama, but he would kick the can further down the road delaying the day that TSHTF.  My youngest is 12 and if (selfishly on my part)   the day of reckoning could be delayed for 8 more yrs I would be most obliged to Mr Gingrich. Obama has to be quivering in his loafers after seeing what he will be against, it`ll be tough but we can get the fool out. 

Re: Here is a ron paul clip from last night

Trend national debt vs national incomeI've spent a whole lot of my adult life thinking that the rate of increase in debt was unsustainable.


Now that I'm finally being proven right it really isn't that much fun.





Red Steele
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Re: Here is a ron paul clip from last night

Thanks for sharing the link. Ron Paul is so different from the other candidates, so refreshingly honest and bright, that I can see why he seems to transcend party lines.


I have an article on my desk from several months ago, from Esquire magazine, called "Founding Father" that is a very complimentary profile of this man.


we should have 100 men in the senate and several hundred more in the house just like him, instead of the corrupt bought and paid for clowns that now walk the halls and vote.


if we can get Paul on the national ballot, he will probably be our next president.