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Re: Here is the answer to BA's question about what we as Democrats believe in

shouldn`t be forced to fund partial birth abortions with their tax dollars..


So does that apply to everything?

If someone does not like something they do not have to pay taxes?


BTW do you actually know what 'partial birth abortions' actually means?

It would have to be what is also termed 'late abortions' or abortions after 24 weeks which are not allowed in many jurisdictions anyway. Or if they are it is because the fetus in not viable.


Check the numbers and then come back and complain with a better understanding of what you are complaining about.

And do not forget to check out the stories of women who were left very ill or even died because their non viable fetus could not be removed because of a law that prevented medicine from doing what it should to save the life of the woman. There are also case where a religionist refused to allow a needed abortion because of their beliefs and resulted in bad results to the woman.