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Veteran Advisor

Here we go AGAIN

  I figured that this BS wouldn't start  until the republicans actually were in office, and probably sometime in 2011. It's mid November, and 2011 is only 1 1/2 months away, but it didn't take long for their fascist BS to show it's head.


  I guess it's time to reinstate "punch a republican in the face Friday", again. The last time it was in effect, the cowards would never admit to being a republican, go figure.

Republicans push to widen 'war on terror' detention


WASHINGTON (AFP) – One of President Barack Obama's top critics in the US Congress called for bolstering US powers to detain "war on terrorism" fighters -- including US citizens -- indefinitely and without trial.

"Congress should ensure no court in the land questions the legal authority for our forces to prosecute this war," Republican Representative Buck McKeon, who is likely to become chair of the House Armed Services Committee next year.

McKeon and other top Republicans worry that a measure authorizing military force against those behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist strikes may not be keeping up with the shifting battlefield and enemies in the global conflict.


"We need to reaffirm -- in statute -- the authorization to use military force of 2001," McKeon, who has sponsored legislation to beef up US powers to hold enemy combatants, said in a speech to a foreign policy forum.

The bill declares the US government has the right to detain any unlawful enemy combatant, including a US citizen, "without criminal charges and without trial" for the duration of the conflict, "consistent with the law of war."

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Senior Contributor

Re: Here we go AGAIN

He is wrong. US citizens deserve the protection of the US Constitution.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Here we go AGAIN

  It's ironic that you say that, considering you were one of the biggest complainers about Miranda rights for the "underwear bomber" and wanting to try him in a military court, along with going after the American in Yemen. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Here we go AGAIN

The underwear bomber was not a US citizen. I said Obama had no right to execute a US citizen in Yemen.