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Veteran Advisor

Here we go again

Well now tariff with the EU....or soon to be.
Trump wants part of the agreement to be on
Agriculture commoditys....EU says flat NO.

What's worse...the weather or our trade policy (or
Lack thereof)
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Senior Contributor

Re: Here we go again

Lololol... You're pretty slow on the uptake.

America has paid for far majority of military policing for Europe and we've been giving them billions in trade deficits while they live off of our economy.

The EU's economy is far in the toilet that they have threatened negative interest rates if they aren't currently already there. ..I'm not taking the time to actually check. While the US economy is on fire and is self sustainable.

So yeah... they will eat the tarrifs and say thank you before it's over or they will shoot themselves in the foot even more. Either way....I don't care. Either way, we aren't paying their military bills any longer.

And in the end....tarriffs will float our budget and individual income will be history as it should have been all along.

So yes, they are crying salty tears because they won't be taking advantage of us any longer....and you are crying with them lololol...No surprise on that.
Veteran Advisor

Re: Here we go again

Let him keep on and soon he will PO all of our allies and when Russia and/or China decide to take us on, even you military slackers will have to put up or shut up. Maybe you should consider learning Russian. You might just need it!