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Here you go Don

You questioned me when I mentioned the FOX like reporting of MSNBC programs.  Curious if watched MSNBC last night?  Last night Olbermann was trying to defend Maxine Waters who is about to face a Congressional ethics trial along with Rangel.  Olbermann played the race card complaining about to many black politicians being investigated.  Olbermann also complained about Porter Goss being the co-chair of the Congressional Ethics Committee and asked how Goss could sit in judgement of anyone after he had approved the destruction of videos of two terrorist suspects interogations while at the CIA.  I still have not figured out how that has anything to do with rather or not Waters should face trial.  Of course Olbermann failed to tell his viewers that the Ethics Committee is made up of 4 Repubs and 4 Dems and that the chairman of the committee is David Skaggs a Dem and that one of the members is Democrat Yvonne Burke who happens to be a black woman. 


Another good FOX type moment on MSNBC last night was shared by both Olbermann's and Maddow's show when they both reported on the break up of the two men who had attended Tea Party rallies in Colorado dressed in clothes imitating the fashion of 1700's and playing a fife and drum.  Olbermann pooked fun of the break up of these two men who are not leaders nor spokesmen of the Tea Party movement and tried to play up the falling out of these two men over their disagreement over which Republican sheriff candidate to back.  Maddow went even farther and spent an entire 8 minutes reporting on this very important "news story."


Maddow also went on to make fun of Congressional Repubs who are calling for an extension of the Bush tax cuts yet failed to mention the growing number of Democratic Congressmen who are also recommending extending the Bush tax cuts. 


As I have said before Don both parties and their affiliates such as FOX and MSNBC don't always give you the whole story.



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Re: Here you go Don

If Kraft started watching the show he changed the channel because it didn't fit his world view. It is all about his way or no way.

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Re: Here you go Don

  You actually think that the destruction of evidence of an International AND National crime of torture, and then lying about it, is somehow WORSE than WHATEVER Rep. Waters is/or may be charged with??????????????


  BTW, are you SURE that the alleged democrats want to reinstate ALL the former tax cuts??????

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Re: Here you go Don

Please tell me how Porter Goss's past behavior or anyone elses has anything to do with Water's current alleged crimes or ethical violations?


When ever someone mentions a crime by a Dem Don always gets defensive and claims you are simply trying to throw dirt on Dems to cover up for guilty Repubs.  Is this not exactly what Obermann was doing and the same thing old Don is guilty of himself on numerous occassions.  I myslef prefer exposing all crooked politicians no matter which party affilliation and was the first to mention here the crimes of two Repub politicans while at the same time not mentioning any crooked Dem. 


I'm not even sure how many Dems have come out publicly advocating extending part or all of the Bush tax cuts. Not having much luck swith a simple Google search but so far I've found a half dozen or more and know that Evan Bayh has said he thinks they should extend all the cuts even for the wealthiest. 

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Re: Here you go Don

Bayh is retiring from the Senate....and it's easy for a lame duck to say anything. The reason you are having that Google problem is probably because "there is no there there".  Maybe a few Dem Congressmen who are in red states who are saying what they need to say to get re-elected.....that's what politicos do in the summer of election years....if you find us a Senator besides Bayh or Nelson, be sure to let us know. Could be, but I doubt it.


Somebody told me about the fife and drum guys being on Maddow so I streamed it up and I thought I'd mistakenly been directed to The Red Green Show.  That was painful once I realized that she was actually trying  to give them a forum. To read the stuff that the wingers were putting out about how significant this was for conservative politics she was obviously trying to give them a forum. And it turned out to be Gomer Pyle  and Jr. Samples.


With all of the fervor that is out there over race and jobs and taxes and the direction of the country, the one sentiment that is growing stronger by the day..heck, by the sufficient taxation of the well to do. All that is yet to be hammered out is the parameters. Who is and who ain't.  Democratic and independent candidates will only really need one campaign tactic this fall which will be to get their GOP opponent to defend tax cuts and low taxes in general for their well to do. 


Something so simple as extending Social Security taxes to all earned income....trouble is so few people make enough money to go past the current threshold that they don't know about the break that the higher earners get.  How long do you suppose it would stay as it is if all of a sudden every person knew about it?

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Re: Here you go Don

  A has nothing to do with B. I just find it odd that Goss, of all people would sit in judgment on an ethics panel. Wasn't he tied to the government contract scam with Dusty Foggo? I seem to remember some stuff about hookers at poker parties too, and he stepped down, but got off without an ethics trial.

  I'd rank that up there with having a thief install an alarm system in my home.


  I have said this before, a politician's behavior is tolerated until they are no longer useful. I'm not trying to answer back with an "oh yeah.......but a republican did.......), but the one that comes to mind(because of recent republican control of the various branches of government) was Mark Foley. It seems as though his tendencies weren't much of a secret OR a problem until some of them come to light, and then he was treated like a leper.


  One thing that I found recently, is that the estate tax was in response to a WSJ article about the richest 100 people not paying income taxes, and put into law in 1969. Ironically WHY they weren't paying taxes was because they had invested their money into low yielding government bonds that Congress had given favorable tax breaks to to help spur investment in government infrastructure.

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Re: Here you go Don

   I was reading earlier this morning on the website below about SS. It's a pretty good article about it with a few graphs to show the increases. This is from another article farther down on the same website.

  There are many Americans that are actually counted as officially employed but are also receiving food assistance.  Think about the data for a second:

People receiving food assistance:                             40.4 million

Official unemployed:                                                      14.6 million



Broken financial generations – U.S. households only have a median of $2,000 saved in retirement acco...


As of today, nearly 19 percent of all Americans receive some form of Social Security.  Compare this to 1970 when only 12 percent of all Americans received some form of Social Security.  The above chart is merely going to grow even faster as many more baby boomers enter into retirement.  For those in the working to middle class the prospect of a secure retirement is looking more and more remote.  It would be one thing if people had the ability to trust in Wall Street and invest into the market.  Yet Wall Street with no real reform is largely a predator casino as we have seen with flash crashes and large hedge funds making billions of dollars betting on the failure of Americans.

The original Social Security Act was signed in back in 1935.  The initial design was to help the old, widows, and children of the poor to have at least some basic safety net.  It was never designed as a long-term retirement program.  Today, over 50% of those that receive Social Security benefits in retirement use it as their primary source of income.  With Americans living longer, the strain on the system is largely taken on by the working generations.


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I know nothing about Waters ethic charges

I haven't been exposed to the information, nor do I have any great interest. So it bothers you that Olbermann charged that the ethically challenged Goss may have an agenda?  Doesn't it seem odd to you that such a high majority of those investigated happen to be black? Perhaps such assumption of guilt might be transfer to another black.


It's ironic that 3 decades of smearing Dems on talk radio, that you take offense at a tiny bit of incoming. You need a flak jacket, Blondie!









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Re: The fife and drummer were treated with respect on both shows

and i did watch both shows in their entirety. So you beleive that mr fifer and mr drummer were targets that were treated unfairly? The only thing I got out of it was that both teabaggers were not 100% in agreement and their differences could not be resolved. A breakup was necessary.


This reinforces my belief that the teabaggers are unyielding right wingers that cannot tolerate a different point of view. Like you they expect complete and absolute agreement on everything. Otherwise, there can be no compromise or adjustment. Lets break up a good and worthy parnership because we can't agree on who to vote for for sheriff. Evcidentl;y one tea bagger thinks and incumbant is worthy of reelection but the other thinks it is maditory to sweep the house clean and start over.


What do you want to bet that most teabaggers end up voting for incumbant reblulicans?





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Re: The fife and drummer were treated with respect on both shows

No it does not bother me that Olbermann charged that the ethically challenged Goss may have an agenda?  I want corrupt Repubs like Stevens exposed and tried.  I want hypocrite Repubs like Foley and Craig exposed.  I just don't want FOX or MSNBC making excuses and saying how the other party is worse to defend wrong doing by members of their chosen party.   Be like Rush saying "How can Barney Frank be on the Ethics Committee and recommend Repub Senator Smith for a trial over his wrong doing when Frank had a gay lover doing tricks out of his apartment.  Franks past behavior has nothing to do with Senator Smiths alleged crimes. 


Rest assured Don I don't get worked up over the left's "fair and balanced reporting" nor do I the rights.  It is something I have come to expect like 2 1/2 year long presidential campaigns and October surprises.  I was simply backing up my belief that both sides do it.  It is you that seems to believe that all the dirt is on one side of the aisle only.


I don't think Olbermann treated the fife and drummer unfairly.  He basically used them as a prop to try and attack and delegitimize the Tea Party movement.  The fact that these two men are not important members, leaders or spokespeople for the Tea Party movement yet their "break up" was given so much attention and air time tells me two things.  That the left is very concerned about the Tea Party movement and that MSNBC is not a very serious news channel when it devotes that much time to tabloid journalism.


You bring up a good point.  It will be interesting to see exit polling of Tea Party voters to see if they pulled the lever for the same old incumbent Repub or really did vote to toss out the incumbents.  I don't think everyone who considers themselves to be a Tea Partier believes that every incumbent should be replaced but that belief is consierably higher with Tea Partiers.