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Re: Here you go Don

Please tell me how Porter Goss's past behavior or anyone elses has anything to do with Water's current alleged crimes or ethical violations?


When ever someone mentions a crime by a Dem Don always gets defensive and claims you are simply trying to throw dirt on Dems to cover up for guilty Repubs.  Is this not exactly what Obermann was doing and the same thing old Don is guilty of himself on numerous occassions.  I myslef prefer exposing all crooked politicians no matter which party affilliation and was the first to mention here the crimes of two Repub politicans while at the same time not mentioning any crooked Dem. 


I'm not even sure how many Dems have come out publicly advocating extending part or all of the Bush tax cuts. Not having much luck swith a simple Google search but so far I've found a half dozen or more and know that Evan Bayh has said he thinks they should extend all the cuts even for the wealthiest.