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Re: Here you go Don

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Bayh is retiring from the Senate....and it's easy for a lame duck to say anything. The reason you are having that Google problem is probably because "there is no there there".  Maybe a few Dem Congressmen who are in red states who are saying what they need to say to get re-elected.....that's what politicos do in the summer of election years....if you find us a Senator besides Bayh or Nelson, be sure to let us know. Could be, but I doubt it.


Somebody told me about the fife and drum guys being on Maddow so I streamed it up and I thought I'd mistakenly been directed to The Red Green Show.  That was painful once I realized that she was actually trying  to give them a forum. To read the stuff that the wingers were putting out about how significant this was for conservative politics she was obviously trying to give them a forum. And it turned out to be Gomer Pyle  and Jr. Samples.


With all of the fervor that is out there over race and jobs and taxes and the direction of the country, the one sentiment that is growing stronger by the day..heck, by the sufficient taxation of the well to do. All that is yet to be hammered out is the parameters. Who is and who ain't.  Democratic and independent candidates will only really need one campaign tactic this fall which will be to get their GOP opponent to defend tax cuts and low taxes in general for their well to do. 


Something so simple as extending Social Security taxes to all earned income....trouble is so few people make enough money to go past the current threshold that they don't know about the break that the higher earners get.  How long do you suppose it would stay as it is if all of a sudden every person knew about it?