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Re: Here you go Don

  A has nothing to do with B. I just find it odd that Goss, of all people would sit in judgment on an ethics panel. Wasn't he tied to the government contract scam with Dusty Foggo? I seem to remember some stuff about hookers at poker parties too, and he stepped down, but got off without an ethics trial.

  I'd rank that up there with having a thief install an alarm system in my home.


  I have said this before, a politician's behavior is tolerated until they are no longer useful. I'm not trying to answer back with an "oh yeah.......but a republican did.......), but the one that comes to mind(because of recent republican control of the various branches of government) was Mark Foley. It seems as though his tendencies weren't much of a secret OR a problem until some of them come to light, and then he was treated like a leper.


  One thing that I found recently, is that the estate tax was in response to a WSJ article about the richest 100 people not paying income taxes, and put into law in 1969. Ironically WHY they weren't paying taxes was because they had invested their money into low yielding government bonds that Congress had given favorable tax breaks to to help spur investment in government infrastructure.