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Re: The fife and drummer were treated with respect on both shows

and i did watch both shows in their entirety. So you beleive that mr fifer and mr drummer were targets that were treated unfairly? The only thing I got out of it was that both teabaggers were not 100% in agreement and their differences could not be resolved. A breakup was necessary.


This reinforces my belief that the teabaggers are unyielding right wingers that cannot tolerate a different point of view. Like you they expect complete and absolute agreement on everything. Otherwise, there can be no compromise or adjustment. Lets break up a good and worthy parnership because we can't agree on who to vote for for sheriff. Evcidentl;y one tea bagger thinks and incumbant is worthy of reelection but the other thinks it is maditory to sweep the house clean and start over.


What do you want to bet that most teabaggers end up voting for incumbant reblulicans?