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Re: The fife and drummer were treated with respect on both shows

No it does not bother me that Olbermann charged that the ethically challenged Goss may have an agenda?  I want corrupt Repubs like Stevens exposed and tried.  I want hypocrite Repubs like Foley and Craig exposed.  I just don't want FOX or MSNBC making excuses and saying how the other party is worse to defend wrong doing by members of their chosen party.   Be like Rush saying "How can Barney Frank be on the Ethics Committee and recommend Repub Senator Smith for a trial over his wrong doing when Frank had a gay lover doing tricks out of his apartment.  Franks past behavior has nothing to do with Senator Smiths alleged crimes. 


Rest assured Don I don't get worked up over the left's "fair and balanced reporting" nor do I the rights.  It is something I have come to expect like 2 1/2 year long presidential campaigns and October surprises.  I was simply backing up my belief that both sides do it.  It is you that seems to believe that all the dirt is on one side of the aisle only.


I don't think Olbermann treated the fife and drummer unfairly.  He basically used them as a prop to try and attack and delegitimize the Tea Party movement.  The fact that these two men are not important members, leaders or spokespeople for the Tea Party movement yet their "break up" was given so much attention and air time tells me two things.  That the left is very concerned about the Tea Party movement and that MSNBC is not a very serious news channel when it devotes that much time to tabloid journalism.


You bring up a good point.  It will be interesting to see exit polling of Tea Party voters to see if they pulled the lever for the same old incumbent Repub or really did vote to toss out the incumbents.  I don't think everyone who considers themselves to be a Tea Partier believes that every incumbent should be replaced but that belief is consierably higher with Tea Partiers.