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Here you go Don

You questioned me when I mentioned the FOX like reporting of MSNBC programs.  Curious if watched MSNBC last night?  Last night Olbermann was trying to defend Maxine Waters who is about to face a Congressional ethics trial along with Rangel.  Olbermann played the race card complaining about to many black politicians being investigated.  Olbermann also complained about Porter Goss being the co-chair of the Congressional Ethics Committee and asked how Goss could sit in judgement of anyone after he had approved the destruction of videos of two terrorist suspects interogations while at the CIA.  I still have not figured out how that has anything to do with rather or not Waters should face trial.  Of course Olbermann failed to tell his viewers that the Ethics Committee is made up of 4 Repubs and 4 Dems and that the chairman of the committee is David Skaggs a Dem and that one of the members is Democrat Yvonne Burke who happens to be a black woman. 


Another good FOX type moment on MSNBC last night was shared by both Olbermann's and Maddow's show when they both reported on the break up of the two men who had attended Tea Party rallies in Colorado dressed in clothes imitating the fashion of 1700's and playing a fife and drum.  Olbermann pooked fun of the break up of these two men who are not leaders nor spokesmen of the Tea Party movement and tried to play up the falling out of these two men over their disagreement over which Republican sheriff candidate to back.  Maddow went even farther and spent an entire 8 minutes reporting on this very important "news story."


Maddow also went on to make fun of Congressional Repubs who are calling for an extension of the Bush tax cuts yet failed to mention the growing number of Democratic Congressmen who are also recommending extending the Bush tax cuts. 


As I have said before Don both parties and their affiliates such as FOX and MSNBC don't always give you the whole story.