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Herman Cain - a big deal

Great man, inspirational story, impressive biography.  Rest in Peace.

One of my favorite stories of Mr. Cain as recounted:   His youthful attitude toward race comes across in a story he tells about a long ago trip to a department store. He and his brother asked permission to go get a drink of water. "Mom specifically said, 'Now y'all make sure you drink out of the colored fountain,'" he recounts. "Being typical young boys, we got over there and looked at those two water fountains, and we kinda looked around, and went, 'Hmmmm. Nobody's looking.' So my brother went first while I stayed on the lookout. Then he was on the lookout while I sipped the white water. And then we both sipped the colored water. We looked at each other: 'The water tastes the same. What's the big deal?'

We were never taught discrimination. We had to live in a segregated society. But we hadn't fully grasped the significance of those public differences."

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Re: Herman Cain - a big deal

in the world of the progressives, those young n(egro)r boys will be drinking that colored water for the next 200 years.

you know, I really never thought I could despise anyone as much as I despise the current so-called liberals.

America could use a woman of color in high office, but the one would be Candace Owens, not Kamala "Side piece" Harris.