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Hershel Walker, it just gets better & better.

   Not just one, not just two, but three undisclosed children, after weeks of lambasting Black men for being "absentee fathers" it turns out Walker has three children nobody knew about in addition to his first son.  And while it is true he is supporting them financially after being ordered to by court orders, he has essentially no contact with them.

  Now Walker's relationship with his children isn't my business but when Walker uses a blatant racial stereotype about Black men in order to curry favor with the white racists in Georgia you begin to wonder just what's going on with him.  It sure makes him look like he's got self-esteem problems of his own, kind of a modern-day Uncle Tom.  

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Re: Hershel Walker, it just gets better & better.

Joe is an incestuous pedophile, you have no problems with that.