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Honored Advisor

Hey Biden....’s too late to close the barn door. The cows are already out. What an idiotic policy. 
The American people are watching these stupid policies and will vote accordingly in the next election. 
Elections have consequences........especially elections that are not legitimate. 
It is clear that the democrats want complete chaos in this country. The human trafficking, drugs, and disease that these people are bringing to our country is completely unacceptable.


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Hey Biden....

the more chaos from * and heelsup , probably the better as voters get a chance to digest and ponder what the leftist liberals really are all about.

Down below we have a senior citizen that has had his bell rung, can't tell a mollie from a mark, and the sad thing is that the bej probably is still functioning with more bees in his hive than biden even had flying around.

I am going to lay off until reinforcements arrive for the leftists....I don't like sucker punching the disabled.