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Hey Bruce,

Just wondering, have you read any of the "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" series?


Reason I thought about it was the anti-fascism discussion, Orwell and all, earlier today.


Pardon me if I'm telling you about things you already know, but I was very interested in the story of the author, Steig Larsson, and his background as editor of an anti-fascist periodical in Sweden. I was a bit surprised, thinking that Sweden was sort of homogeneously Social Democrat, but apparently not.


There is a whole melodrama about his death and the estate issues surrounding the hugely profitable books and film rights.


They are entertaining- my wife and her book club girls were reading them and I'm about halfway through the second. Last weekend we rented the Swedish language version of #1, with subtitles and enjoyed it. If you haven't read it I'd recommend reading first before watching.


Apparently those Swedes are a lusty lot, though. I suspect that didn't hurt the commercial appeal any.


Best, h