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Hey Bruce

As chief self identfying scandinavian and an admirer of Quakerism, thought I'd share this with you.


Im wading through Abion's Seed, Four Bristish Folkways in America  by David Hackett Fisher.


Anway, one of the four groups is the Quakers of the Delaware River colonies, who he treats with some admiration as compared to the Mass Bay Puritans and the the Anglican Royalists of the Chesapeake colonies.


Haven't gotten to the piedmont and appalachian highlanders yet.


But anyway, he traces the roots of English Quakerism and even more, the large numbers of the migration to the English Midlands.  Which interestingly enough was largely populated by Viking raiders- to which he attributes the Quaker's unique (among British groups) attitudes about community, gender equality etc.


It is a bit of a tome so I'm not getting through it very quickly. Also the first book I've tackled on the Kindle, which I'm still uncertain about for different reasons.