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Hey Bruce

Do I recall that one of your daughters teaches in Mass.?


Like a lot of things, probably not any statistic that is perfectly revealing but am I wrong to assume that they have their share of socioeconomic challenges, probably more than MN which is also high on the list?

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Re: Hey Bruce

Close. Our daughter that lives in MA is an Administrator at one of the private universities in Boston. The teacher, her older Sister has taught for 13 years at one of the public High Schools in Minneapolis. Both, along with the 3rd one, off of our payroll. With jobs and husbands with jobs. As we look around us with so many of our contemporaries having kids on theirs with many having some who have moved home, often with a grandchild or two in tow, we feel like the great American success story. And their Mother still a head turner. Thought that was worth mentioning in light of recent discussions here. I'm one of those guys who most definitely "out kicked his coverage".