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Re: Hey Brucie.......

Did you see the big dump  ?

me neither.

whirlwind ehh...  actually that was just you passing gas.


Redwave. Redwave.  Redwave.  Hehehehe !

thanks for the laughs !

Re: Hey. gooo boy. It’s Wednesday

Good observation WC. Everything mainstream has been rather passive. Just some old fashioned horse race stuff. 

Only reactionary responses I’ve come across have been from the Trump pocket protectors working on the obvious tactic of pre-setting the D platform by aclaimation.

Re: Hey. gooo boy. It’s Wednesday

So you’re saying he’s not setting things up to go ahead and do it? 

History would tell that is what in reality works best for righties.  Scream at the top of their lungs that something should be done about something, do nothing when given the opportunity and then scream

louder over the fact that nothing has been done. 

Blame, of course, the swamp...or the deep state. Which they overwhelmingly populate. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Hey. gooo boy. It’s Wednesday

Conservatives are doing something about the slaughter of the innocent in the womb and the crossing of the border by ILLEGAL aliens. The progressive throw every road block they can think of and when that fails tells lies about concentration camps and toilet water. So your theory is nothing but fake news. Nothing but crap. It is the dems who want to do nothing. And their constitutes live in rat infested squalor with the promise that the repubs will take it all away from them..

Re: Hey Brucie.......

I see Miss Lindsey is having a fit because the DOJ will not be charging Comey.  


The IG in their recent interview of Steele (dossier fame ) found that he was very credible.

Senior Contributor

Re: Hey Brucie.......

(I see Miss Lindsey is having a fit because the DOJ will not be charging Comey.)  

Ouch, such sexist discriminatory language there RJ?

Is Nadler calling Barr a liar whom is abusing his office, because Barr is not charging Comey Smiley Wink

I guess it's good to know that it is now legal to leak classified information.  Of course Comey said he did not intend to give confidential information to the media when he knowingly gave confidential information to the media.


Re: Hey Brucie.......

So. Let’s see. Your guy’s special guy doesn’t see fit to do the bidding of your crackpot propagandists.  That seems a bit final to me but I suppose it just goes back into the mixer with pizzagate, Fusion GPS etc.

Shame to have to waste it.  

Re: Hey Brucie.......

Passed on   Might as well go straight to Barack Obama and get it over with.

Re: Hey Brucie.......

And..Oh Rats!!!

Dennison and The Human Q-tip couldn’t get Ratcliff confirmed quickly enough to get this squelched:


Re: Hey Brucie.......

still nothing ??  asking for a friend......