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Hey Canuck

How'd the bird count go?  They say the counts were down in the NE US due to weather.


I was gone for the beginning but saw some pretty magnificent birds over the course of a couple days in the Ding Darling Refuge in FLA. One of the good things our gubmint does, along with the parks.

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Re: Hey Canuck

Conditions were not the best here either.

Extremely cold. Record low tempertures being set across Ontario and with wind and some snow made for miserable weather.

I have been busy clearing snow and did not take much time to watch them but we can see lots ar our feeders from the comfort of indoors with my wife controlling the thermostat it is warmer than being 'down south'.


As I tyoe this my wife called to say we have 2 Red Bellied woodpeckers.

We often have 1 to visit but have never had 2 at a time before.


We have had a yellow Rumped Warbler all winter but only saw it on Friday and not since for the count, maybe the cold finally got to it because it should have gone south like all the others.


Also have a couple of sparrows that are considered rare so have to find some pictures of them which we have been taking so we can back up our count to add to the official count data.


Lots of activity from Blue Jays and Juncos as well as House Sparrows with others like Nuthatches, Cardinals (more this year than usual up to 7), Chickadees, Gold Finch and on a drive for parts came on 32 turkeys on the road as well as 3 Red Tail Hawks and some Canada geese on a bit of open water.

Understand there are some Snowy Owls around but have not seen any this year ourselves.


We do have a Sparrow HAwk that frquents our feeder area on occassion.


BTW new record low set at London weather station early yesterday morning at -30C for that date. Think they missed the record by a degree the day before.


Wood pile is shrinking fast!