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Hey Don,

I see where the good folk of your adopted state have settled on a solution to the blight of totally naturally occurring earthquakes (psuedoscientific hoaxes aside) upon your once fair land.


As they are clearly Acts of God, they've offered up a sacrifice in the form of making abortion a felony, in hopes of regaining his good favor.


Although as Gov. Fallon felt compelled to veto it I guess they will continue.

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Re: Speaking of earthquakes

We have experience several earth quakes in recent years. We had a contractor come to level our floors so the doors would shut properly. They shimmed the supports in the crawl space. $1600. and it lasted a short while. They came back to correct the damage and concluded that the floor joices were supported wioth too large of span.


Thus they suggested that I use more and better supports. Thus they put down  10000 lb pads to support more jacks under support beams. This little project  cost $5800 including pads Jacks and labo testr. At least the resul;ts seem to be positive. wei

Along with structural damagese were blessed with cracks in the drywall in  some place. I have held off with repairing the plaster until I amrasonably sure that the jacks will hold.


No!homeowners insurance will not cover and even earthquake insurance is difficult to prove the damages wer e the result of earth tremors

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Re: Speaking of earthquakes

For some reason I was unable to spell check on the previous post.