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Hey Gough


Perhaps you were premature in crowing over how your boyz showed GWB a thing or two.


Maybe just a copycat crime?

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Hey Gough

Nox. This guy has been like that from the get go. I am fully aware of it but people can't see through his veneer of political terrorism so here we are today.

I wasn't premature at all. I was right then and still right. Abbott will self destruct once the first body from Iraq arrives home. He is a political opportunist of a high magnitude. A political animal in fact.

He has been dancing to to American tune since Hagel visited a month ago. But you must understand he had to orchestrate the political climate to make people accept it.

GWB did the same with the WMDs. You guys fell for it along with spreading an inexportable version of freedom and liberty to justify the seizing of the oil wells. Anyway bush and Cheney done very well from it but those 6000 marines parents are still not happy about their kids dying for bush and Cheney.

That won't happen in this country.