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Senior Contributor

Re: Uh oh

No, I don't but that really isn't an apples to apples comparison.  Drinking and driving is illegal.  By allowing drive up windows at bars to order shots, mixed drinks, etc.; they are allowing something that is illegal.  I'm assuming in some states it must be legal to carry loaded concealed weapons into those places you mentioned.  In my state, one must pass training in order to obtain a concealed weapon.  In some of the towns, the state has allowed city ordinance to override the concealed weapons permit making concealed weapons illegal.  However, we do have one nutjob state senator trying to legalize teachers to pack concealed weapons in schools as a knee jerk reaction to the shooting in Omaha a few months back. 


It gets a little hairy trying to compare gun deaths to drunken driving deaths because of trying to determine which data should be used.  While gun deaths are higher than drunken driving deaths, one has to keep in mind that 56.1% of gun deaths are by suicide.  There's also a large percentage of gun deaths used for murder which should be excluded because alcohol isn't used as a weapon to commit murder.  The most recent data I could find found just shy of 14,000 people killed from drinking and driving while 1106 people were killed from accidental gun shootings.  While there are roughly 32,000 people killed from gun shootings, over half of those are from suicide.  You have to put every other gun death in there like murder just to come close to the number of deaths from guns as there is from drunk driving.     

Veteran Advisor

Re: Uh oh

Drunk driving and drunk gunmen are hardly comparing apples to apples.  You get drunk and then get in your car, your abilities are impaired and you may lose control of your car.  You get drunk and you have a gun, you inhibitions are impaired and someone bumps into you or you're being obnoxious and someone tells you to shut up, you're just as apt to pull out your glock  and shoot him.  But I could be wrong.  We'll just have to wait and see if it happens or not.  Drunk driving is illegal.  Being armed in a bar is not in Arizona.  It is if you drink but whose going to know since your gun is concealed.