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Hey Knapper, this guy a RINO or bagger



Republican John Cooper has won the Arkansas state Senate seat for District 21.

Cooper defeated Democrat Steve Rockwell for the position when voters cast their final ballots in a special election Tuesday. He replaces former Sen. Paul Bookout.

Cooper called Tuesday night's results a "statement win" and said he was grateful for all of the support during the special election.

The race had focused primarily on the compromise plan to expand Medicaid approved by the Arkansas Legislature last year. Cooper vowed if elected to defund the "private option" plan when the Legislature convenes next month, while Rockwell had promised to continue the program.

Final results:

  • Republican John Cooper: 4,314 (57.21%)
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Re: Hey Knapper, this guy a RINO or bagger

Cooper is said to be a conservative, but he is not in my district, but close anyway. It really does not matter because the Arkansas Legislature is dominated by Republicans. The special election was due to a democrat (Paul Bookout) who misused campaign funds - he deserved to go.


According to Journalist Nick Horton, "Cooper said his priorities in the senate would be the same as his priorities for the house: Reducing regulations, reducing the capital gains tax, and reducing the state income tax over time. He said regulations, high capital gains taxes, and high corporate income taxes are “blocking jobs” from coming to Arkansas. Finally, Cooper said he will work to improve education in the state and give parents more options for their children."

That said, we have mostly seen the Arkansas Legislature messing about with little social legislation issues. Because our economy is good anyway, not many are really griping.