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man of steel
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Hey Knapper

Thought about your thread when this was posted on another forum

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Re: Hey Knapper

Had a program at school once with several Iraq veterans talking about their experiences in Iraq. The one guy said if you want to send something to the soldiers send video games. Said they need something to relieve the boredom.

BA Deere
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Re: Hey Knapper

What I`m saying doesn`t have to do with Knapper.  There are a number of liberals that went into the Army during the late 70`s and 80`s basically for free education, it was a time of peace after Vietnam and that`s how the Army was "sold".  Conservative kids during that time saw no need to enlist for "invading Grenada" and "flattening Gadaffi`s tent".  Now today those liberal veterans will wrap themselves in the "flag" as a arguing point against conservatives "I served and you didn`t you chickenhawk!!  nana nana boo boo".   These companies that donate a care box to Troops "in your name" sounds like a marketing gimick to get your E-mail.  JMHO 

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Re: Hey Knapper

Yep that was definately an opinion piece. Why they picked exclusively on those college Repubs shows that this is a pretty petty, local article with only a gleaning of a good point here and there. There are plenty of groups, from those formed on actual military bases, to churches, to corporations and people like these college students making up packages for troups. The writer chose to pick only on a small group of Republican college students while ignoring all the others. All I know is that I like getting a package, even if it's something I really don't need. I am sure soliders are the same way whether active duty of sitting on a base somewhere.


One of the most true points is that our real support needs to begin when they set foot back home, go look for work and resume their lives at home.