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Hey, MAGA-rats, now do you understand?

Trump org. signs a big real estate deal with the Saudis,

Bin Saw's snub of Biden had more to do with the Saudis trying to influence the US mid-terms and promote trump's 2024 bid than else. 

  Meanwhile, we learn how foreign governments, principally the Saudis funneled money to trump by paying as much as $10,500 for a room at trump's Washington hotel. And it's still on-going.

  Trump sold you MAGA-rats out to the Saudis and you get to pay higher gasoline prices.

  You dumb sh*ts.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Hey, MAGA-rats, now do you understand?

They are that, for sure.

But you are disrespecting the fact that their feelings are hurt.