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Senior Advisor

Re: Just take the allstar game to China

Trickydicky wants the dead to have the right to vote but doesn't want that black man sitting beside him on an airplane or at the ball game.

Senior Contributor

Re: Hey MLB, why just one game?

The one difference between all spectator sports and grocery stores (or gas stations, utility companies, etc.) is that watching sports is always optional.

Unless you are a compulsive gambler or tied directly to the professional sports industry, no one really needs to participate in the watching of any MLB, NFL, or NBA game. They just don’t.

So the question for many folks today is not where the 2021 MLB All Star game will now be played, but rather, who even cares if it is played at all?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Hey MLB, why just one game?

I have not been glued to the TV or computer screen watching any previous all star games, and I am pretty sure I will let the 2021 event come and go without my involvement. I remember when Kent Hrbeck got snubbed when he was having one of his allstar quality seasons, and he said he would go fishing in the future if they ever did want his presence and I can go along with that. That being said, I do remember Jim Rice, I think he was with the Boston Red Sox along with Fred Lynn, hitting a ball so hard in an allstar appearance that it barely was over the outfielders heads and arms, all the way from the plate to over the fence, no arc at all, and the announcers said that ball would not even have gotten wet in a thunderstorm, it was out of the park so fast. Got to admire power like that...especially when you were the proverbial 130 lb weakling like I was, and had to lift weights for years to get to 210 lbs, and the ability to bench 240. No steroids either.....glad I didn't as my old body is holding up pretty good. Going to play some football today with my family and enjoy the sunshine team hasn't taken a knee yet, but when they do, I guess that goes also.