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Senior Advisor

Hey Nancy Pelosi

Time to admit it. Your impeachment hearings are nothing but a parody.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Hey Nancy Pelosi

Seems like every time the Democrats go after something on Trump, we learn more about the things the Democrats, and anti-Trump government employees, have been up to in the recent past.  Maybe the "impeachment inquiry" isn't all bad news.  Of course, the crux of the matter will be if/when Barr and whatever other investigations are out there, actually press onward and show us some results.

What I don't understand at all is how Biden can be made out by the leftest news to be a victim in all this Ukraine stuff, when he is on video admitting to doing exactly what they accuse Trump of trying to do.  Where's the outrage against Biden?  And, this isn't something new, the information has been out there for years in old news reports that didn't get much attention, and didn't make the national news.