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Hey Tom, snow

Tom, the other day you mentioned you were getting a little business with snow removal.

Get it all cleared?

Have some for you in parts of Ontario if you need more.

We are lucky only have 70-80 cm.Smiley Surprised

London has had 100cm, 1 metre, and is pretty well shut down.

they got a reprieve today as the streamers moved away, and got us with some of the heaviest snowfalls we have had this week,

Town of Lucan just north west of London has had 160 cm.

Still snowing here tonight and I will have to start all over again tomorrow, actually in about 6 hours.

BTW other parts of Ontario have had sun and bare ground. This is just 'lake effect' snow. Winds coming over the warm waters and then dumping on us.

Probably because of global warming getting the lake so warm.Smiley Wink 

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Re: Hey Tom, snow

  Yeah, I bought a couple of trucks earlier this year. One was a former township truck, and the other is like the one that I already had, from the city. The city decided to lay off some of their people and put out a sign up list for contract snow removal and I got the top 2 spots. I have a retired friend that he and I used to plow some business lots, and then I would pay him to help with our rental properties but his truck was done for and he sold it for the plow alone. So I pay him to drive one truck and my son the other, and I mostly do the rentals and lots that I had previously, and we trade out frequently. It helps to offset the budget for all of our rentals, and I actually had a big grin on my face because we finally got the chance to recoup some tax money, instead of it constantly going the other way.

  We had probably closer to 10-11 inches overall and the ground was still too warm and there was a lot of slush under the snow layer. We ended up going back out later on to throw more salt down because of the dropping temps and the frost set in.

  I can relate to the redundancy and also the need for urgency to get it moved. It's a little overwhelming the first dumping of the year too, especially the way people react to driving in it. Some of those people probably have driven in snow every year of their life, but they still over/under compensate when the first snowfall hits.

They think that we can stop on a dime, or that the truck can out-maneuver them. What really drives me nuts is when they tailgate me, because they actually think that salt works instantaneously. It's been colder than heck ever since though.

  But, it got me out of going to some show that the wife wanted me to go to, and I would have definitely fallen asleep during it, even if it didn't snow. She took our daughter instead, so I took her sledding as a payback for going to a boring show with her mom, and that was the best part of the whole weekend.