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Hey elcheapo

In another thread you stated you were at a church meeting where you were discussing some tough topics and came to the conclusion for evil to prevail good people had to stand around and do nothing. Well tell me, what did you decide, is it evil to destroy life in the womb or is it evil to protect life in the womb? Which side did your group align themselves with?

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Re: Hey elcheapo

3020 I can only speak for myself. Yes, we need
To protect those in the womb...yes...there is
Some discussion when they become human.
It goes back to the basic feeling that "you protect
Those which can not protect themselves"...
That includes unborns, kids, old people, those
But with the issue of aborting....there are some
Instance which it should be allowed....primarily
Medical....but that needs to be defined.
But to go along with that...we as a people need
To have a functional and quality system in place
To take care of the children...if the mother can
Not, or does not want the child. Currently we do

Clear as mud ?
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Re: Hey elcheapo

There will never be a government system in place that will take care of kids.  


Our educational system is an example of that failure.  


We pay teachers based on their tenure and level of education, not on their productivity.  


Any government intrusion into child rearing will only and has only created more problems.


The same people that say you can't legislate morals then battle to do exactly that with taxes on things they don't like and banning things they don't like. 


If we were to return to a place where judgement  and condemnation were utilized to encourage a life more productive we could be a better place for children. 


If you look at children who are succeeding you will find a common denominator, family.  



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Re: Hey elcheapo

The federal funding going to planned parenthood would be a big help if redirected.

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Re: Hey elcheapo

They prevent good people from adopting and then claim there aren't enough people interested.

A guy I know tried to adopt. Very well off owner of a construction business, extremely stand up guy, married about 3 years and they couldn't conceive.

But because he was late 40's, they wouldn't let them adopt even with his wife being younger.

Fortunately for them, they were finally able to conceive. But some kid lost out on a good home because the system is purposefully broken. And yes, I said purposefully. The deep state is evil.