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Re: High water mark of the Tea Party

Interesting terminology about the constitution- sexy. Apt enough in that a whole bunch of folks with a quasi-religious, romantic primitivist view of the constitution are currently fondling it like an issue of Hustler and getting the pages stuck together.


There are almost no constitutional scholars from either the right or left who agree with the TP interpretation of the constiitutionality of things like the health care bill.


As to the Tea Party and most particularly to their misfortune in having hitched their wagon to Ms. Palin, I said it wasn't necessarily fair. It is just the way it is, her star has now passed its apogee and will fall. It is her "macaca", war whoop, crying in the rain moment.


I'm guessing she will remain very popular among the faithful, perhaps more than ever, and will still make a very nice living.

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Re: High water mark of the Tea Party

"Apt enough in that a whole bunch of folks with a quasi-religious, romantic primitivist view of the constitution......"



No matter how well we heal and how much the vitriol and the finger pointing may tone down in the aftermath. Or who in the political arena and the media are left relatively unscathed by what their reactions and comments have been and in decent standing with the public  what you say there won't go away.


Citzens United vs. The United States of America is still going to guide us...much, much more than GWB's proverbial "just a piece of paper" will for a good long time. That needs totally fixed before much of anything can be improved on, even slightly.


And I was one who didn't think the ruling was, or could be, all that bad when it first came down. My sincere apologies to the world for that. Thanks to it, the political hill we need to climb to get out of this canyon just may not be conquerable.

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Re: High water mark of the Tea Party

Hi Bruce,


One of the first comments I saw on Saturday was blaming the Supreme Court and Citizens United for the tragedy. Stll as good of an explanation as I've seen.


People behave badly but it is reasonable to believe that at least 98% have a conscience of some sort. Why is it so hard to understand that a corporation simply cannot?


Since legal primitivism is all the rage, how about the idea that the original ruling on corporate personhood was the 1819 landmark case "Princeton v. Woodward" where the corporation in question was Princeton University.


Interesting to read how alumnus Daniel Webster's inveighing on behalf of good 'ol Princeton was said to have brought tears to the eyes of Chief Justice Marshall among others.


I'm thinking "bad cases make bad law" but hey, who am I to criticize those divinities of powdered wig and breeches?


Best, h



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Re: Predictable demoçrats, "Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!"

so millie, since you believe the CBO about their predictions of this recession would get better this year,  you are starting to become a major supporter of the Health Care Reform since the CBO is predicting over $140 billion in savings to the budget???


Knew you would come around.  Welcome back to the Democratic Party stud.

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Re: Loughtner, GTO....Birds of a Feather???

Very good, Craig! And very typical of a person of the right-wing persuasion, when your losing the argument, attack the messenger. Anyone with a brain bigger than a chicken's, can pretty well decipher what happened in AZ. You and your band, cannot afford to have this proven contrary to your rants. You and the ilk you represent are moving heaven and earth to spin this away from the people who have talked a nation into this kind of tragic event. We all know the consequences, don't we? That's what Gabrelle Giffords said when she was told about Sarah's map with the cross hairs. " Words have consequences". We now know what that means, don't we? You have been one of the worst on this website, Craig. You and your nasty, vile, despicable rants about the President, and only because of the color of his skin, and because you know as I do, he has been succeeding in his efforts to rectify the failings of YOUR form of government. Insulting me will not bother me, because I am a better person than you. I can recognize the difference between right and wrong, you either won't or can't.

Hiel Hitler, SH!

Senior Contributor

Re: High water mark of the Tea Party

Nox, getting back to the thesis of your post,that this "event" will reverse the Tea Party. Up front, I`ll vote for satan if he`s the Republican nominee,  you and Bruce will vote for Obama even if Jesus is running against him, so we aren`t the election deciders. I`m talking about Joe 6 pack with a job and mortgage, who put Obama in and the Repubs in last November and also has a neutral/positive Tea Party impression. Qustion is, did last Saturdays tragedy sour Joe on Conservatives? If Katie Couric ambushes him in the parking lot she won`t get an accurate sample. However when Joe is in the bathroom, door locked taking a dump. He`s really thinking how incompetent Obama has been and how unfair it is to blame any of this on Sarah Palin. In the past the more Sarah gets attacked, the stronger she gets. Given the non-exsistent link between Palin and the tragedy, the more Olberman flaps his self-righteous mouth, the more America rolls it`s eyes. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Predictable demoçrats, "Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!"

Nice catch, Tom! Works great when it's going their way, sucks when it goes the Democats way, doesn't, Craig?

he's pi**in' and moanin' right now because he screwed up and put that up!! LOL!!

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Re: High water mark of the Tea Party

Given the non-exsistent link between Palin and the tragedy, the more Olberman flaps his self-righteous mouth, the more America rolls it`s eyes You poor innocent, fellow! NO LINK? What the hell have you been drinking! Giffords was listed under the picture of the infamous crosshairs map! Sober up, friend! This will not be swept under the Righ-wing rug, not this time, this is way to serious. It's not going to go away.

Veteran Advisor

And now...lost in the coverage...

...of Tuscon and the various reactions to it...comes the news that Tom Delay got assigned to 3 years in the p##s can  today.


It's too bad for dancin' Tom that he hadn't just waited a few years to funnel that cash. The Citizens United ruling would most likely have made what he was convicted of legal.

Senior Advisor

Re: High water mark of the Tea Party

It's pretty hard to nblame anyone in particular. However, there is one part beginning from Roanald Reagan that has espoused the notion that the problems of our country and our economy IS THE GOVERNMENT.


Why wouldn't some deranged soul strive to lash out at politicians in general? Not just some blue dog democrat but amyone they see as an obstacle to their aspirations.


You might not know this but I was somewhat surprised that Bill Clinton survived his presidency. Such was the amount of venom directed toward him. That gives me some reassurance the Obama might survive. I guess the secret service must be very competent. I expect to be challenged on that because many you share the concept that no federal agency is competent.


Oh I know some of you will claim that Bush was sorely mistreated but it wasn't nearly as extensive as what Clinton and Obama have went through. George Bush was able to get most of his iniatives through with the support of republicans and some cooperative democrats. Where are the cooperative republicans for OBAMA? Absent without leave?


But the constant churning of vitriole against this president and the government in total is beyond the pail. Those of you nthat claim you love america and support the troops but yet you try to avoid taxes and you want everyone else to avoid them as well.

So government is your enemy and you shout down anyone that thinks differently. You want to starve government so that it is impossible for government to function except maybe in the most basic of ways..


You think the so called Obama care was the presidents doing. Actually the president had a laid back position on health insurance reform while the congress and the senate duked it out. They finally put together a half way measure that the president could sign. He was not the leader in health care reform. In no way is it obama care. It is health insurance reform with some government involvement to get everyone insured. There are no doctors, nurses, clinics or hospitals under government control. At least not as it applies to the lates insurance initiative.


Who the hell is spreading the notion that it is any different than what I described? The anti government hate group. Shouting out lies and misrepresentations about the work the congress is trying to do without any bipartisan support. Thus every republican effort has been to undermine the duly elected president and congress. You just don't want the democrats to have their chance at bat. Not wioth Clinton and impeachment proceedings and not with Obama and republican obstruction.


Then we have the right wing media with its on going propaganda and misrepresentation of the facts. Not only ginning up opposition to the democrats, but also suggesting we take back government. From who? The very people that were elected to positions of power two years ago? You might have an argument that you should be returned to power but there is no valid argument the pwoer the democrats had was rightfully theirs by the outcome of the ballots. The dems were not a group of usurpers that wrested power illegitimately from the right wing. Yet that is the voice of the right as if the hammer and sickle was flying over the congress and white house. You know who you are. And all this fuhrer spit that spews forth from our midst. Purely vile hatred that is intended to inspire hatred and violence.