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Hillary A Sure Thing?

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Re: Hillary A Sure Thing?

Hey Craig, the Dems have pretty much put all their eggs in the weak basket of Hillary.  They must deep down understand Hillary is weak, but it was just "her turn", they think her only chance is if she is up against what they think is a weak Republican nominee like "Trump".   Pretty sad for Dems to believe their candidate can`t win on merits, only on the preceived negatives of the potential Republican candidate.


They energy is definitely on the Republican side, we are so ticked off we will crawl over broken glass to vote for our nominee and I don`t see that on the Dem side "Hillary?....Meh Smiley Indifferent ".  It`s still probably not too late for the Dems too dump Hillary, I think that`s why the gun grabbing fool OMalley is still begging at the table for scraps.


Hillary is not far off from the crazy eyed cackeler caricature of SNL`s Kate Mckinnon.