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Hillary Clinton - Biden Switcher-roo?

I have been hearing a lot of chatter about Hillary Çlinton and Joe Biden switching jobs, where the Gaff-O-Matic can keep a lower profile and Hillary can position herself as the next POtuS to run in 2012, if Zero flames out in the polls.

His biggest worry would be if the Çlinton machine trumps the Chicago machine and arranges an early retirement for the current POtuS.  Here is something from the web.

Now here's a peculiar prediction, especially considering that it comes two Washington media figures that are consistently on the opposite ends of the political spectrum.

On the July 17 broadcast of "The McLaughlin Group" during the predictions segment, both Newsweek columnist Eleanor Clift and MSNBC political contributor Pat Buchanan made astounding predictions about what the situation would be in a post-2010 election cycle.

"After the Democratic in November, there will be a push to put Hillary Rodham Clinton on the ticket in 2012," Buchanan declared.

One could be skeptical and say Buchanan was just throwing an outrageous prediction out there since he's conservative and opposed to a lot of President Barack Obama's policies. However, his panelist, a very pro-Obama Eleanor Clift agreed.

"And she may trade places with Joe Biden and Joe Biden may be the next Secretary of State," Clift added.

"Exactly," Buchanan added.

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Re: Hillary Clinton - Biden Switcher-roo?

If that switch happens, P. Obama better increase his security around him.


Re: Hillary Clinton - Biden Switcher-roo?

While voters are being inundated with television spots for candidates in this year's midterm elections, viewers in some markets will also see an ad for the 2012 presidential vote with the slogan, "Where there's a Hill there's a way."

The "Hillary Clinton for President" commercial began its run in New Orleans this week and the man behind the campaign, William DeJean, said he will also pay for it to air in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and possibly Houston,
CNN reported.

DeJean, a Chicago dentist, said he paid $5,000 to make the ad because he doesn't think "this country is headed in the right direction," and he told CNN he believes Hillary Clinton is the one who can set things straight.