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Re: Hillary is going to reduce treatment from Medicare

Yeah, I know. The government needs to keep its hands off my Medicare.


A question for you though. How do you sppose the rest of the develped world manage to deliver similar or better outcomes for quite a lot less?

Re: Hillary is going to reduce treatment from Medicare

It's an emotional issue though. A normally rational friend was utterly convinced that there was something in Obamacare that caused doctors to Death Panel his 90 year old father.  He had several conditions, was 90, and the Dr's recommended against more invasive procedures because he wasn't strong enough.


He may be right for all I know. There is some outcome based metrics stuff in the ACA and if they killed him with the next procedure maybe that is disincentivized, I don't know. I'm also trying to figure why that is necessarily a bad thing.


But as I told him before that the actuarial life expectancy of a 90 year old man is about a year and a half and that includes the ones who will live to be 100. And the ones who live to be 100 don't have the stuff going bad that he did. He did live close to another year with some decent quality of life as it was.


And he'd been diagnosed with early dementia symptoms.


Speaking of Medicare, another neighbor who has some Tea Party leanings was about 100 pounds overweight but suffered along on his bad knees for years until his Medicare card arrived and he got 'em done quickly.


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Re: Hillary is going to reduce treatment from Medicare

There probably at some point does have to be death pannels, but what`s wrong with that is Obamacare was sold as not having death pannels.  Just one of many lies about keeping your doctor, premiums would going down and 39 million unisured would get insurance.....Oh I know, "at least they meant well" .  Johnathan Gruber was right about having to lie to the people, who are idiots and will believe anything to get to the utopia.  People are sick of that attitude and that`s why the anti-establishment is on fire this election cycle.

Re: Hillary is going to reduce treatment from Medicare

'Ceptin that in this case of the 90 year old guy the ACA/Obama Carr wasn't at all in play. It would have been under (possibly supplemented ...Medicare. The man could have been on that for over 20 years before the ACA was brought up. 

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Re: Hillary is going to reduce treatment from Medicare

The problem this country has is that the repubs will not approve anything that doesn't fix whatever problem they are talking about instantly.  No fix that does it a little at a time.  They are against wind and solar because they won't fix the energy problem immediately.  No trying something if it won't fix it right now.  As for Hillary going to start cutting benefits, that is rightwing speculation just like the myth that someone is going to take the guns.  That has been said for 50-60 years AT LEAST!!