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Senior Advisor

Re: Hillary`s Cobalt sunglasses

Any view that supports this statement from the article, is guilty of trying to re-write history to suit whatever their purposes might be -- "she had dutifully waited her turn back in 2008 so the first black president could precede the first female president".  Hillary fought with everything she had to beat Obama in the primaries.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Hillary`s Cobalt sunglasses

I tend to agree with the statement, Hillary didn`t throw the primary in `08, but the "Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner?" candidate just happened to be so damned popular that he overwhelmed the "smartest woman in the world".   That coupled with a rebellious electorate, kind of set her on low simmer on the back burner.


Hillary always had the likablity problem, she`s like the little rich girl that`s at the party only because she has a fake ID and is willing to buy the beer for the party, that is the only reason she`s invited.  When Obama won, he "kept his enemy closer" and gave her the Secretary of State job and although incompetent, she was a loyal solider and that built her street cred in the Democrat party....they felt that they owed the unpopular, spoiled little rich girl something, a chance to be prom queen.


However the prom queen candidate has been puking on everyone`s shoes lately.  But she did dutifully "wait her turn" ..she wasn`t by any stretch the best candidate the Dems could`ve put up, it was just her turn, except her expiration date has run out, young liberals today don`t have that sense of obligation to the Clinton crime family as many gray haired Birkenstockers do.