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Hillary`s amnesty, a $15,000 household burden

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Re: Hillary`s amnesty, a $15,000 household burden

BTW, 0 of 0 is 0. Which is what our cut of that is currently, and exactly what it would if they were permitted a full holiday.


Yeah, and I hate to make Joe the Plumber's head explode, but the notion that "bringing that money home" will create jobs is complete rubbish. The money is already here, as much as it is anywhere- it is simply an accounting entry. It is just a calculation that paying a slight carry trade penalty for holding interest bearing accounts abroad and borrowing here is positive.


And there's already too much money in this country- the problem is that there's insufficient demand to deploy it into productive use.


But I would seek to rationalize corporate tax rates a bit by cutting them some but then cutting most tax breaks- and as part of that I'd probably gve those corps the new, lower rate but on what they are forced to pay.


BTW, among the biggest of those corporate tax breaks go to oil and gas, where multinational corporations funnel money through the Kochs to create all forms of propaganda which then results in your being driven to clinical insanity.


So work on that a while and get back to me.