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Hillary's scariest flaw

above all the others, real and rumored.


Seems to me to have been demonstrated by (what you have to assume was) her decision to push all the buttons and finish Sanders off on Tuesday.


That's going to come back to haunt her. Maybe not enough to lose to the other fatally flawed candidate, but it will, more than just at the margin. May not even catch p with her 'til 2020 but the notion that people who she's are going to gain affection for her just because she's president, or somebody else is worse, is naive.


She has a bias to action in tactical matters, but in regards to strategic action is, like her husband, infinitely flexible.


That isn't leadership, it is management.

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BA Deere
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Re: Hillary's scariest flaw

That shouldn`t be surprising.  Remember the scene in Rocky 1 where Appollo`s manager realizes their in trouble and tells Appollo to "Finish this chump off"...well, Hillary was in trouble, if Bernie kept going, he`d be more than the face of la revolucion, that fool could be president and Hillary caught standing on the curb in the rain outside the prom again.


Bernie was just too inspiring for those that like their free ice cream. 

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Hillary's scariest flaw

hardnox wrote:


That isn't leadership, it is management.




The American people want to see real abilities to lead, not to be managed. 


People management is what slave owners do to their indentured chattel. 


The Clinton crime group is totally for People Control.  They are bigger fascists than Any others in history. 


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Re: Hillary's scariest flaw

I don't know what you mean by "finish Sanders off" but I thought the whole idea of primaries was to try to beat your opponent.  The sooner the better I think. I don't agree with this "super delegate" issue but if that is the DNC rules, that is it.  I strongly feel that we may have seen the last of them ofter this though.  Just like this place, sooner or later the world of politics becomes nasty.  Off the subject but I just noticed a banner at the top of this page.  New digital edition brought to you by SUKUP!!  Seems rather fitting for this site!!