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Re: Obama's Libya War

I'm torn as everybody else seems to be over this. At least there isn't the rah rah siss boom bah, USA!USA! USA! stuff coming form anybody over this as there was in the case of the massive multi-faceted adn multi-front invasion of Iraq. I don't expect the President to come swooping down in a Tom Cruise suit in a fighter jet any time soon.


And I also take some comfort in that the spokesman and go to person is going to be Gen. Gates. He's as good as we've had in that job that can remember.

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Drafties best post ever...almost

Maybe if you live to be 100, you will get it entirely right, and see that the problem is excessive government.


But you have half the blinders off for at least one near lucid moment.

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Re: Drafties best post ever...almost

Starting wars is a sign of excessive govt--or what?  I thought the theme of this thread was WAR but your post wasn't very clear as to what you meant.  Clarify please.