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History of US and Iran

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Re: History of US and Iran

Interesting video john.

i hope everyone took the few minutes to listen/view it.


I heard a story about USA (and European) involvement in Iran on the radio a while ago and they covered much of the history which does not leave the US in a very good light and certainly helps to understand why Iran would not trust the US.


As I remember the radio piece was suggesting the US needed a strong leader to approach Iran and establish a new 'understanding' with them instead of the militaristic approach which has been taking place.


Unfortunately too many US citizens do not realize (or will admit) the seeds of the problem there were planted by the US in the past. Sort of reaping what you sow as happened in Afghanistan.


Re: History of US and Iran

a more complete, but brief, timeline interesting that when the british admiralty switch to oil is such an important date.